How to Prevent 33KV XLPE Power Cables From Getting Damp

In the 33kv xlpe power cable industry, most people know that cables should keep away from water sources. Once the armoured cable enters the water, there will be many problems. What’s more, it is very difficult to solve and may damage to these xlpe armoured cables. In order to help more people to notice the 33kv xlpe armoured cable waterproofing, we sum up a few experiences. Email:

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First of all, you should pay attention to the storage. Generally speaking, when you purchase 185sq mm 33kv armored cables, it is well-sealed. But after a period of use, if you do not notice storage, moisture will infiltrate. what’s more, when laying the 33kv xlpe armoured cable, please avoid the place close to the water source. Besides, it is also necessary to avoid damage to the cable sheath. Because the armoured cable sheath can protect the cable from moisture. In addition, after laying, you need to install cable heads in time to avoid long-term exposure to the air. In case of the moisture infiltration.

How to solve the problem of armoured cable water ingress?

If you want the 240mm2 33kv armoured cable work normally, some action is necessary. You need to make sure the 1C 240sq mm xlpe pvc armoured cable head is sealed. Because the sealing sleeve can close the 240mm2 33kv xlpe armoured cable head to prevent water vapor from entering. What’s more, after laying the armored cable, it is important to install the cable joints in time to prevent problems before they happen. Besides, the regular inspection also can help to avoid armoured cable water ingress. Email:

Of course, there are other methods to protect the 33kv xlpe armoured cable from water. If you have any question, just contact us.

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What’s the armoured power cable structure?

Being a professional armoured cable supplier, we can manufacture the xlpe and pvc armoured power cable as your requirement. In fact, these armoured cable structure are similar. You can divide the swa armoured cable into seven parts.


The xlpe  armoured cable conductor is used to transfer electric energy, commonly used materials are copper and aluminum.Generally speaking, the power cable cross-sectional area has 2.5mm, 4mm, 6mm, 10mm, 16mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 70mm, 95mm, 120mm, 150mm, 185mm, 240mm, 300mm, 400mm, 500mm, 630mm, etc. Because the armoured cable has different specifications, you need to follow the project requirements.

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Conductor shield

The conductor shield is a nonmetallic layer packed on a cable conductor.Generally, there is no conductor shielding layer for 3kV and below, and medium armoured power cable of 6kV and above must have conductor shielding layer.The conductor shield of armoured cable can eliminate the potholes on the conductor surface; eliminate the pores between the conductor and the insulation; make the close contact between the xlpe armoured cable conductor and the insulation; and improve the distribution of the electric field around the conductor. Email:


The main insulation of  armoured power cable has the specific function of resisting the system voltage. What’s more, in the cable life cycle, to long withstand the rated voltage and the overvoltage of system failure. So the swa armoured cable insulation material is the key to the cable quality.Commonused insulation are Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and Crosslinked Polyethylene(XLPE).Cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE)is now widely used, and its color is turquoise and translucent. It has stable chemical performance; good heat resistance, long-term operating temperature of 90℃; good mechanical performance, easy processing and processing. Email:

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Insulation shield

An insulating non-metallic layer, which is also crosslinked, is semi-conductive.In fact, the insulation shield of these xlpe swa pvc armoured cable is the transition between cable insulation and grounding metal shield, make close contact, eliminate the pore between insulation and grounding conductor; eliminate the tip effect of grounding copper belt surface; and improve the distribution of electric field around the insulating surface.

Metal shield

The metal shield is wrapped outside the insulating shield, the metal shield generally uses copper belt or copper wire, it is the key structure to restrict the electric field to the cable and protect personal safety. It is also a grounding shield that protects the 240mm xlpe armoured cable from external electrical interference.

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Armor layer

The armor layer is wrapped with metal armor layer outside the inner lining, generally using double galvanized steel strip armor.Even if the armoured cable sizes are different, many of them have this metal armor layer. Because its function is to protect the interior of the cable and prevent the damage of external machinery to the cable during construction and operation.Also has the function of grounding protection.The armor layer has a variety of structures, such as swa,sta, awa, ata and so on. What’s more, you can also buy unarmoure cable. Email:


This is the outermost protection of the cable, generally use PVC (PVC) polyethylene (PE), are insulation materials.According to the technical requirements, flame-retardant PVC (PVC) is generally used. Adapto the requirements of cold winter and hot summer, without cracking or softening.The main function of the copper armoured cable outer sheath is to seal to prevent moisture invasion, protect the armor layer from corrosion, and prevent the fire expansion caused by cable failure.

Pay attention to the safe use of swa armoured cable

In the last few years, with the rapid development of the communications industry, swa armoured cables have also developed at an astonishing rate. And you can find different armoured cable sizes for your project. However, making use of armoured power cables has also been greatly increased and is very adaptable. The swa armoured  cable could be wound on the cable roll with a bending radius ≥ 20D, in which D is the external diameter of the cable. Some swa armoured cables are smokeless and non-toxic when buring, and the sheath materials are “non-flammable”  materials.

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How to protect your swa armoured cable from fire?

In the combustion procedure, no damaging gas will be made, nor will it cause secondary pollution. It is called an environmentally friendly  material.  Apart from the normal electricity provide, the armoured power cable can also use LSZH material to decrease flame losings. As a matter of fact,  these swa armoured cable is really especially reputable for personal safety. The copper conductor is a great conductor and the best grounding wire. It enhances the whole length of the swa armoured cable, and that significantly develops the level of sensitivity and integrity of grounding security. And it has an extensive service life, inorganic insulating material, high temperature resistance, not really simple to aging.  What’s more, its life span is many times much longer than that of organic insulated cables. Under normal working conditions, These armoured cable life span can be equal to the service life of a building.

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In addition to the swa power cable sheath material, you should also pay attention to the cable size and voltage. So, you need to select the suitable armoured power cable for your project. Because if the armoured cable section area size not fit, that will influence the cable install and using. Besides, if the swa armoured cable voltage is smaller, which even result in fire.

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