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XLPE Power Cable Construction:

Voltage: up to 35kv.
Core: 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 core;
Size: 6mm, 10mm, 16mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 70mm, 95mm, 185mm, 240mm, 300mm and so on
Conductor: Copper/Aluminum, Stranded class 2
Filler: Polypropylene filament with lapped binding tape
Insulation: XLPE (Cross-linked Polyethylene)/PVC(Polyvinyl-Chloride)
Inner sheath: PVC(Polyvinyl-Chloride)
Armour type:  SWA(Steel Wire Armour) / STA(Steel Tape Armour) /AWA(Aluminium Wire Armour) / ATA(Aluminum Tape Armour)
Colour: Black or according to your request.
Standard: IEC/BS/DIN/ASTM or others as per customer’s country standard.

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Custom Service:

Huadong Cable Group provide custom service for every customer. We will manufacture XLPE power cable in line with your requirements.

Starting customize your ideal size, our factory price will send you within 12 hours.

The classification of XLPE power cable.

Huadong Cable Group is a leading manufacturer of XLPE power cable. Huadong offers a variety of XLPE insulated power cable designed for use with a voltage rating of between 0 KV and 35 KV. These including 11kv XLPE cable, 33kv XLPE cable, XLPE copper cable and XLPE aluminium cable, etc. 11kv XLPE cable is divided into 11kv 3 core XLPE cable, 2 core 11kv XLPE cable and so on. Anyway, no matter what kind of XLPE power cable you need, Huadong will be your ideal choice.

single core xlpe pvc awa copper and copper cable

Voltage: 0.6/1kv,6.6kv, 11kv, 15kv, 12/20kv ,25/35kv,33kv

Cores Number: single core

Conductor material: Copper or Aluminum

Inner semi-conductor: Semi-conducting compound

Insulation: XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene)/PVC(Polyvinyl-Chloride)

Inner and Outer sheath: PVC(Polyvinyl-Chloride)

Armour type: AWA(Aluminum Wire Armoured)

Because we also provide custom service. If you don’t know XLPE power cable exactly yet, I will tell you some basic knowledge about XLPE insulated power cable as the following. If you ready to buy XLPE copper cable, click here to tell us your requirements and get your XLPE insulated power cable now. We will send you 11kv XLPE cable price list.

The advantages of XLPE insulated power cable.

XLPE insulated cable is to change the molecular structure of cable insulation polyethylene from linear molecular structure to main network molecular structure. That is, thermoplastic polyethylene change to thermosetting cross-linked polyethylene, by means of chemical or physical method. Thus, the heat resistance and mechanical properties are greatly improved. Its shrinkage is reduced, and it is not melted after heating.

3 core xlpe insulated power cable structure

Voltage rating: 0.6/1KV, 1.8/3.3KV, 6.6 kv/10KV, 11KV,15KV,22KV,33KV

Conductor: copper or aluminum

Cross section area: 6mm, 16mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 95mm, 185mm and so on

Insulation: XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene)/PVC(Polyvinyl-Chloride)

Armoured: SWA (Steel Wire Armour), STA(Steel Tape Armour)

Sheath : PVC(Polyvinyl-Chloride)

Meanwhile, XLPE power cable can maintain the excellent electrical properties. 11kv XLPE cable is a kind of cable suitable for distribution network. 33kv XLPE cable has the advantages of simple structure, light weight, good heat resistance, strong load capacity. At the same time, non-melting, chemical corrosion resistance and high mechanical strength. All of these are advantages of XLPE underground cable. If you want to get 33kv XLPE cable price list, please contact us.

The difference between XLPE copper cable and XLPE aluminium cable.

XLPE copper cable conductive core material is copper and XLPE aluminium cable conductive core material is aluminim. You should choose the right XLPE power cable according to the XLPE insulated power cable usage environment and your budget. XLPE copper cable has more excellent properties than XLPE aluminium cable. But the XLPE aluminium armoured cable is cheaper than XLPE copper cable.

get price for 4C x 16mm cu xlpe swa pvc cable

Voltage: 600V/1000V

Cores: 4 cores

Size: 16mm, 25mm, 50mm, 70mm, 120mm, 150mm, 185mm, 240mm, 300mm and so on

Insulation: Cross-Linked Polyethylene (XLPE) /Polyvinyl Chloride(PVC)

Armour: STA(Steel Tape Armour)/ SWA(Steel Wire Armoure)

Colour: Black or according to your requirement

Choose the right XLPE underground cable to make the best use of it. This will not only save you costs, but also save metal resources. If you don’t know which kind of XLPE power cable you should use, tell us your construction environment, cable applications and special requirements. Our engineers will design the right XLPE copper cable or XLPE aluminium cable for you to use. Now get your 11kv XLPE cable price list and 33kv XLPE cable price list.

Harm of wrong selection of 11kv XLPE cable and 33kv XLPE cable.

It’s important to choose the right XLPE power cable. Unlike other products that can be replaced at any time when it broken, the repair of cable faults is very difficult. XLPE insulated power able usually bury directly under the ground, place in pipes or other places that we can not see. For XLPE aluminium armoured cable, In cases where mechanical stress may cause cable damage. Such as direct burying, outdoor or underground, armor provides additional protection.xlpe copper cable and xlpe aluminium cable difference

xlpe and pvc aluminum & copper cableTherefore, most of the time, the maintainers can’t immediately find out which part of the cable malfunction happened. Severe cases may cause fire endanger people’s lives and property safety. In a word, please be sure to choose the regular XLPE underground cable manufacturer of XLPE insulated power cables. Contact us to know more about harm of wrong selection of 11kv XLPE cable and 33kv XLPE cable.

Where to find the most reliable XLPE power cable?

As a specialist XLPE power cable supplier, Huadong Cable Group offer a comprehensive range of BASEC-approved XLPE cable and XLPE aluminium armoured cable. We manufacture 11kv 3 core xlpe cable in accordance with a number of America, British, France, European and International standards. The structure of our various types of cables varies depending on the intended application.

In addition to the cables listed above and other standard xlpe copper cable in our portfolio. Our technical engineers can also help you develop customized 11kv xlpe cable solutions and design and manufacture them according to the specific requirements of your application. Now get your 11kv xlpe cable price list. Just your requirements.

11kv xlpe cable and 33kv xlpe cable manufacturer
all kinds of xlpe power cable from Huadong

It is worth mentioning that because of our reliable xlpe aluminium cable quality and excellent service, we have won the trust and favor of our customers since our products went on sale. Not only more and more new customers to join us, many more regular customers have been in contact with us and long-term relationship. This not only reflects the excellent quality of Huadong xlpe power cable but also reflects an excellent xlpe insulation power cable supplier. I hope you can have a simple understanding of our company from these pictures. We sincerely welcome you to visit our factory if it is convenient for you. Or we can send free 11kx xlpe cable and 33kv xlpe cable samples to you. Just leave your message.

huadong xlpe power cable factory

Why Choose Us?

Product Process: Our XLPE armoured cable use the high quality aluminum/annealed copper conductor material and natural XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene)/PVC polyvinyl chloride insulation material. Every production process has been strictly checked by our professional technical engineers.  XLPE amoured cable package by iron or wooden drum or according to client’s requirement.

get xlpe power cable price list

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