Pay attention to the safe use of swa armoured cable

In the last few years, with the rapid development of the communications industry, swa armoured cables have also developed at an astonishing rate. And you can find different armoured cable sizes for your project. However, making use of armoured power cables has also been greatly increased and is very adaptable. The swa armoured  cable could be wound on the cable roll with a bending radius ≥ 20D, in which D is the external diameter of the cable. Some swa armoured cables are smokeless and non-toxic when buring, and the sheath materials are “non-flammable”  materials.

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How to protect your swa armoured cable from fire?

In the combustion procedure, no damaging gas will be made, nor will it cause secondary pollution. It is called an environmentally friendly  material.  Apart from the normal electricity provide, the armoured power cable can also use LSZH material to decrease flame losings. As a matter of fact,  these swa armoured cable is really especially reputable for personal safety. The copper conductor is a great conductor and the best grounding wire. It enhances the whole length of the swa armoured cable, and that significantly develops the level of sensitivity and integrity of grounding security. And it has an extensive service life, inorganic insulating material, high temperature resistance, not really simple to aging.  What’s more, its life span is many times much longer than that of organic insulated cables. Under normal working conditions, These armoured cable life span can be equal to the service life of a building.

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In addition to the swa power cable sheath material, you should also pay attention to the cable size and voltage. So, you need to select the suitable armoured power cable for your project. Because if the armoured cable section area size not fit, that will influence the cable install and using. Besides, if the swa armoured cable voltage is smaller, which even result in fire.

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