Get the Best 3 Core 185mm2 Cable Price / 3C x185sq mm XLPE Cable

3 core 185 xlpe pvc swa armoured cable supplier

Huadong Cable Group can manufacture all kind of cable as  your requirements. Please leave the cable specification you need. We will send the price to you in 2 hours.

Why choose 3 core 185 sq mm armoured cable for your project ?

As we can see, the 3 core 185 sq mm armored cable are very popular in many construction field. That’s because the 3X185 xlpe pvc armoured cable has superior property. Generally speaking,we can lay 185mm 3 core cable indoor,in tunnels,pipes, or buried in loose soil. On the one hand , the 3*185 sq mm armored cable can withstand a certain laying traction. So these underground cables are very necessary in the development of city. On the other hand, the 3 core 185 mm square cable are also suitable for high drop areas. Therefore, it can withstand external mechanical and pulling forces. If you need, please contact us to get 3 core 185mm2 cable price.

3C x 185mm2 xlpe swa pvc armoured cable price

Conductor: Copper

Voltage: 0.6/1KV, 1.8/3.3KV, 6.6 kv/10KV, 11KV,15KV,22KV,33KV

Armoured: SWA (Steel Wire Armoured) / STA(Steel Tape Armoured)

Insulation: XLPE / PVC / LSF / Fire Resistant

Section Area: 1.5mm2-800mm2

Standard: IEC 60502, BS 7870, GB/ T12706 or other

Package: Wooden or Iron Drum meanwhile according to your requirement.

Owing to the excellent performance of 3 core 185mm cable xlpe,the demand of it is very large. In order to meet the requirement of 3 core 185mm electrical armoured cable,we supply large quantity products for the world. In additon, our 3 core xlpe 185mm copper cable and 185mm aluminium cable are very famous. So, if you need our cu xlpe pvc swa pvc 3 x 185mm cable,just leave your message. Then, our sales will send the 3*185mm xlpe cable price to you in 2 hours.In addition, we have other power cable for sale. Such as 16mm armoured cable, 25mm armoured cable and so on.

buy cheap 3 core 185 sq mm xlpe pvc swa armored cable

How to find reliable 3 x 185mm xlpe cable suppliers?

Even if there are lots of 3c x 185 sqmm cable suppliers around the world, it is difficult to choose the reliable one. Because you may not learn about the swa armoured cable suppliers well. As we all know, these 3 core copper 185 * 240 sq mm cable are closely related to our lives. So, it is very important to buy high quality armoured cable 185mm x3 core. Huadong is a professional 185mm2 3 core cable manufacturer from China. In order to ensure the 10 kv xlpe 3 * 185 aluminum conductor yjlv23 cable quality, we always choose superior material.

professional 3 core 185mm xlpe cables manufacturer
professional 3 core 185mm xlpe cables manufacturer

What’s more, in our 3 core 185mm xlpe cables factory, there are 10 kv copper 185mm2 cable, power cable 185mm2 1.5 kv xlpe al and so on. Therefore, you can find the 3 core 185 sqmm xlpe cable you need. We promise that our 3 core xlpe cable price is very reasonable. Sometimes, you can also find aluminium 185 power cable manufacturer in Malaysia. But you can find 3 ccore 185mm2 cable price in Malaysia is much more expensive. Because the aluminum is much cheaper in China. Thus you can get the reasonable 3 core 185 mmsq armoured cable price in Huadong. In addition, you can also visit our 3c 185mm2 pvc swa pvc stranded low voltage cable 1000v factory. We believe that our 3c 185mm xlpe cable price and quality will not let you down. Please rest assured to place your order.

armoured cable 185mm x3 core factory

Where to get the best 3 core 185mm2 cable prices?

Generally speaking, when we buy 185 mm 3 core cables, we’d better compare their price. For example, you can get xlpe swa pvc 185mm 3 core cable Malaysia price. If you search more supplier, you can get 3 core armored cable 185 sq mm price in uae. Due to manpower, equipment, raw material prices and other factors, the cost of 185 mm2 copper cable are different. That’s the reason why 3c x 185 sqmm cable price per meter are not the same. What’s more, there are lots of 3cx185 sq mm cu xlpe pvc swa pvc 600 1000v manufacturers. So you need to take some time to choose a pretty supplier.

get the best 3C 185mm2 cable price in Huadong

As we all know, China 185mm2 xlpe 3 core cable price is very competitive. The raw material in China is much cheaper than other countries.So the cost of aluminum armourd cable is much lower. In addition,we have our own 185mm sq cable 3 core xlpe plant. So you can buy 3 core 185 mm square cable from our company directly. There are you can get the best 3c 185 sq mm2 copper cable price in Huadong. What’s more, if your order is large, we can give you discount 3 core copper cable 185mm price. If you are interested in our cable, please leave your message. So that we can send the 3c 185mm xlpe cable cost to you.

What can you get from Huadong?

In the last 30 years, we are engaged in the manufacture and export the 3 core 185mm xlpe cables. In fact, we provide the cable 185mm2 for the customers all over the world. Such as Russian, America, Yemen, Malaysia, Philippines, England, Singapore, Nigeria, South Africa and so on.

buy cheap 3 X 185 mm square cable
buy cheap 3 X 185 mm square cable

If you order our 3 core mv cable 185mmq , you will be satisfied with its performance. What’s more, our 3 core 185mm2 cable price would not let you down. In addition, if you are not assured of our 6kv 185mm2 yjlv 22 cable quality, we can send the free samples. As for the transportation, we can choose by sea or by air.

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