ACWU Cable 600V 1C 3C 4C 1AWG 2AWG 4AWG 6AWG AIA Cable

how much is 600V #2 #4 #6 3C 4C acwu90 cable per meter

As a professional ACWU cable manufacturer, we can supply different size aluminum interlocking armoured cable. So you can purchase #2, #4, #6 ACWU90 cable from our company. What’s more, if you want to know how much is 600v 3 conductor ACWU90 cable per meter, just leave your message. Our manager will send best ACWU 3C 4/0 aluminum cable price to you as soon as possible.

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ACWU cable is a kind of aluminum alloy interlocked armoured MC cable with PVC jacket. Huadong Cable Group is a professional ACWU wire 3 conductor manufacturer in China. Our 3C #2 ACWU aluminum wire have a steady market in America and Canada. If you need to buy high quality and low price 3C 1/0 awg ACWU wire, then Huadong will be your ideal choice. At the same time, if you need a lot of ACWU wire, we will give you a discount cable ACWU90 600v price. So, just leave your ACWU90 aia cable size. Of course, you can contact us directly if you are already know what kind of ACWU wire do you need. Look forward to your inquiry.

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Voltage: 600V

Conductors: Solid/Stranded Copper or Aluminum

Armour Layer: Aluminum Interlocked Armour (AIA)

Cores No.: Single/two/three/four

Insulation Layer: Cross-linked Polyethylene (XLPE)

Outer Jacket: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

Temperature Rating: -40°C to 90°C

Because of its excellent performance, AIA cable has a wide range of applications. For example, ACWU90 aluminum building wire is suitable for exposed and concealed wiring in dry, damp or wet locations. And #2 3 conductor ACWU wire is also suitable for direct earth burial.

Find professional 600v 4C ACWU90 wire manufacturer

ACWU 90 cable conductor is aluminum what compact class “B” strand. What’s more, if you have a specific requirement, copper conductor and aluminum alloy conductor is available. The insulation material of 600v 4 conductor ACWU wire is Cross-linked Polyethylene (XLPE).  In addition, we also have cheap teck90 cable for sale. So,  just need to leave your information and tell us the ACWU 4C aluminum building wire sizes your requirements. Then we will send you 4 conductor 250 mcm ACWU90 wire quotation. However, the armour layer of ACWU wire is Aluminum Interlocked Armourm MC cable. So ACWU cable has another name: AIA cable. Besides, the ACWU aluminum building wire jacket is Low acid gas, flame-retardant, moisture and sunlight resistant Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). So, just send your inquiry and get 4C ACWU90 aluminum building wire price list.

600v 2awg 3 conductor copper acwu90 cable price list Canada.

In addition, AIA cable can use for wiring all hazardous locations. What’s more, these 4/0 aluminum interlocked armour  cable(AIA) also can use for service entrance installations. Our clients said that Huadong AIA power cable has a good reputation among end users in Canada. So you can tell us your inquiry cable list and order quantity. Then we promise to give you a satisfactory ACWU 90 wire price.

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In fact, you can find that 600v 4c 250 mcm ACWU90 cable price are different. Because the price for armoured cable material are not the same. Then you can understand the 250 mcm ACWU90 cable price in Canada are different from ACWU cable price in America. What’s more, if you purchase lots of 4/0 3 conductor ACWU wire, the cable supplier will give your discount ACWU aluminum cable price.

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Besides, we have exported our 4 conductor ACWU90 aluminum building wire to more than 30 countries. Such as,  America, Canada, Yemen, South America, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Germany, etc. So, you can contact us to get 4/3 ACWU cable price list in America or Canada.

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