How to Prevent 33KV XLPE Power Cables From Getting Damp

In the 33kv xlpe power cable industry, most people know that cables should keep away from water sources. Once the armoured cable enters the water, there will be many problems. What’s more, it is very difficult to solve and may damage to these xlpe armoured cables. In order to help more people to notice the 33kv xlpe armoured cable waterproofing, we sum up a few experiences. Email:

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First of all, you should pay attention to the storage. Generally speaking, when you purchase 185sq mm 33kv armored cables, it is well-sealed. But after a period of use, if you do not notice storage, moisture will infiltrate. what’s more, when laying the 33kv xlpe armoured cable, please avoid the place close to the water source. Besides, it is also necessary to avoid damage to the cable sheath. Because the armoured cable sheath can protect the cable from moisture. In addition, after laying, you need to install cable heads in time to avoid long-term exposure to the air. In case of the moisture infiltration.

How to solve the problem of armoured cable water ingress?

If you want the 240mm2 33kv armoured cable work normally, some action is necessary. You need to make sure the 1C 240sq mm xlpe pvc armoured cable head is sealed. Because the sealing sleeve can close the 240mm2 33kv xlpe armoured cable head to prevent water vapor from entering. What’s more, after laying the armored cable, it is important to install the cable joints in time to prevent problems before they happen. Besides, the regular inspection also can help to avoid armoured cable water ingress. Email:

Of course, there are other methods to protect the 33kv xlpe armoured cable from water. If you have any question, just contact us.

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