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2 core armoured cable diagram
2 core armoured cable diagram

Please kindly send your inquiry 2 core armoured power cable list and order quantity to us. Our sales team will reply you within 12 hours. Email: info@huadongswacable.com

Product Feature

Conductor: Aluminium or Copper
Voltage: Up to 35 KV
Armoured: SWA (Steel Wire Armoured) / STA(Steel Tape Armoured) / AWA (Aluminium Wire Armoured) Non-Armoured
Insulation: XLPE / PVC / LSF / Fire Resistant
Cores: 1, 2 or multi-core according to your requirements
Section Area: 1.5mm2-1000mm2
Standard: IEC 60502, BS 7870, GB/ T12706 or other.
Packaging: Iron Or Wooden Drum
Application: Building, Engineered, Railway, Plant Construction, School, Hospital, Underground and so on. Email: info@huadongswacable.com
We can customize the size according to your requirement. 

2 core armoured cable free sample from huadong
2 core armoured cable

Custom Service

Huadong Cable Group Provide custom service for customers. We will manufacture 2 core armoured power cable in line with your requirements. Starting customize your ideal size now. Email: info@huadongswacable.com

2 core armoured cable manufacturing process

2 core armoured cable manufacturing and most of the mechanical and electrical products production is completely different. Electromechanical products are usually used to assemble the other components into parts. Re-assembly of multiple components into a single product. And the number of products to the number of units or measurement. The basic unit of 2 core armoured cable measurement is according to length. All 2 core armored cable are made into double armoured cable products from the processing of conductors. With insulation, shielding, cable forming, coating, etc. What’s more, the structure of the two core armoured cable is more complex. Meanwhile, more layers stack together. What 2 core armoured cable structure do you need? Just tell us your requirement, and we will reply you as possible as quickly. Email: info@huadongswacable.com

single core armoured cable production process
Huadong 2 Core Armoured Cable Production Process

The main production process of 2 core armored cable

2 core armoured cable is through: drawing, stranding, coating three kinds of technology to complete the production. The more complex models, the higher repeatability. The first production 2 core armoured cable step is drawing. In metal pressure machining, the technique of forcing metal through a die (pinch) under external forces. Compressing the metal cross-sectional area and obtaining the desired cross-sectional shape and size of 2 core armored cable is called metal drawing. Email: info@huadongswacable.com

single phase armoured cable
Huadong SWA / STA 2 Core Armoured Cable

The second production double armoured cable step is stranding. In order to improve the flexibility and integrality of 2 core armored cable, we intertwine two or more single wires together in the specified direction. The third production step is coating. Besides, according to the different performance requirements for two core armoured cable. We will use different materials with special equipment to cover the outside of the conductor. What performance do you need for the 2 core armoured cable? Just feel free to contact us. Email: info@huadongswacable.com

Huadong 2 core armored cable overview
Huadong 2 core armored cable overview

Double armoured cable production process characteristics

There are three technological characteristics in the manufacture of 2 core 10mm armoured cable products. The first technological characteristic is large length continuous superposition combined production mode. The impact on the production of two core armoured cable is overall and controllable. That involves and affects: production process and equipment layout, production and organizational management, quality management. Secondly, according to the process flow required by the double armoured cable. Email: info@huadongswacable.com

We have to discharge all kinds of equipment in the 2 core armoured cable production workshop reasonably. So that the semi-finished 2 core armoured cable products in each stage can flow in sequence. At the same time, if you have any other questions about 2 core armored cable, please leave your contact info and your problems. We will help you definitely. Email: info@huadongswacable.com

2 core armored cable productive facility
Huadong Cable Productive Facility

Thirdly, 2 core armored cable production organization and management must be scientific, accurate, strict and meticulous. The operator must be meticulous according to the double armoured cable production process requirements. Any problems in any link will affect the smooth flow of the process. It will effect the quality and delivery of 2 core armoured cable. As the double armoured cable is a combination of large length of the continuous superposition of the production mode. Therefore, any part of the 2 core armoured cable production process, a moment of problems. It will affect the entire 2 core armoured cable quality. Every production step of Huadong Cable Group’s double armoured cable is very strictly according to the production standards. feel free to use our 2 core armoured cable products. Email: info@huadongswacable.com

huadong double armoured cable stock
Huadong Arnoured Cable Stock

Why Choose Us?

Package & Delivery: 2 core armored power cable package by iron or wooden drum or according to client’s requirement.

huadong 2 core armoured cable packaging
Huadong Cable Group Packaging&Delivery

Customer Case: Our 2 core armoured power cable products have been exported to more than 30 countries, such as: Russian, America, The Philippines, Yemen, South America, North America, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Oceania countries, etc. Email: info@huadongswacable.com

single core armoured cable customer cases
huadong cable group customer cases

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